• Ordinary right hand lay
  • Ordinary left hand lay
  • Right hand langs lay
  • Galvanized
  • Compacted strands
  • Rotation resistant

PYTHON COMPAC 35 is a non-rotating strand compacted rope of the 35x7 class. For highest breaking load requirements, both inner and outer strands are strand compacted. 16 outer and 19 inner strands provide optimal balance of torque factors and grant excellent non-rotating properties.
Depending on diameter (40-120 mm) and breaking load requirements, COMPAC 35 is manufactured as 35x17/19 Seale/Warrington Seale, 35x26 Warrington or 35x31 Warrington Seale.

Both strand compaction and availability in Lang´s lay make COMPAC 35 the preferred choice for multi-layer spooling.

COMPAC 35 is available as uncompacted version named CLASSIC 35.

ISO 4309 Rope Category No: <40mm RCN.23-2, =<40mm RCN.30

Fields of application:

COMPAC 35 is recommended for auxiliary and main hoist lines for all kinds of cranes with requirement for highest breaking loads and superior non-rotating properties.

  • Marking: According to standard
  • Standard: EN 12385-4
  • Fill factor: 0.72
  • RCN: 23-2


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