Fundamental Understanding of Fall Protection Equipment

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Comprehensive knowledge of fall protection equipment is imperative, guided by regulations stating that any worker operating 2 meters or more above a lower level must be safeguarded against falls. Compliance involves adhering to directive NS 9610 (2020).

Breaking down the essential components into Items 1, 2, 3, and 4 forms a holistic personal fall protection system, capable of mitigating or preventing fall-related injuries when correctly implemented. However, strict adherence to all four items in accordance with existing legislation is crucial for effective personal fall protection.

1. Anchorage Connector

Regulated by EN 795, the anchorage connector, whether a beam, security fence, welded construction, or temporary horizontal wire, must withstand a static load of at least 12 kN in 3 minutes. Optimal positioning, both in height and vertical alignment, minimizes fall risks, preventing pendulum effects and contact with lower levels in case of a fall.

2. Connecting Device

The connecting device acts as the pivotal link between the anchorage connector and the fall protection equipment, such as slings, steel lines, or carabiners. Complying with EN 362, it must endure a load of no less than 15 kN in 3 minutes.

3. Shock-Absorbing Device

Integrated into the anchorage line or the fall arrest block, shock-absorbing devices, meeting EN 365 standards, ensure the body experiences no more than 6 kN of stress. Strict adherence to this standard is vital to prevent potential deadly damage to internal organs during a fall.

4. Harness

Worn by the user, the harness is a crucial component of the personal protection system, satisfying EN 361 requirements. Choosing the appropriate harness depends on factors such as use, environment, and the nature of the work.

For more information on fall protection analyses, specialized brochures, or additional fall protection training, please contact CERTEX Norway.

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