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Certex Norge AS - our logo

Certex Norge AS is a leading supplier of steel ropes and lifting equipment in Norway. We are also quality suppliers of mooring and ship equipment, in addition to the fact that we have a broad and nationwide service offering that includes expert inspection and repairs within crane and lifting technology, technical service, NDT and maritime service.


Started in 1965 as a trading company called Nils Ohlin & Co AB. Main products were steel ropes, ship equipment and small machines.
Sold to the British company BRIDON in 1973. Changed name to Bridon Rig Service AS in 1980.
In 1984, Bridon Norge AS was established. In 1997, FKI Plc acquired Bridon and Certex to expand in the lifting and service segment.
Changed name to CERTEX NORGE in 1998. FKI Plc sold Certex Europe in the summer of 2005 to the Swedish group Axel Johnson Internasjonal.

Acquisitions between 1970 - 2007

  • Bridon Riggservice
  • Lund & Braastad
  • S.I.W.
  • Monrad Andersen Riggservice
  • Thams
  • Angelvik
  • Graff IOS Vestland Trading
  • Crane & Repair Service
  • Lifting and Transport Technology
  • Mobile Talurite lock and splice workshop
  • Erling Haug
  • Haug Offshore Service
  • W. Giertsen

Along the entire coast of Norway

Certex Norge as er landsdekkende

We offer a local presence and a high level of service from our departments in Bergen, Stavanger, Kristiansand, Oslo, Trondheim, Kristiansund, Harstad, Hammerfest, Florø and Frøya.
Certex Norge AS has always been concerned with delivering high quality products and services. All our departments have a quality system that is certified in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015. We are certified as an expert company in a number of areas.
Our workshop units and service vehicles are well equipped with the necessary equipment to undertake the production, service and maintenance of steel ropes, lifting equipment and mooring systems for both aquaculture, the offshore and onshore markets. In addition, we have an extensive service business linked to NDT and maritime rescue equipment such as life rafts, life jackets, vests and fire equipment.

Certex Norge AS goal is to be a good, flexible and professional partner, with active participation in the industry's development.

Certex Norge AS shall be the customer's natural choice regarding expertise, safety and proper use of lifting equipment. We call it The Lifting Knowhow. Our employees have high professional competence, and we want to use our Lifting KnowHow to provide the best possible service and technical support to our customers.

Lifting KnowHow Official Logo

At Certex Norge AS we have a stated quality policy that provides guidance in our daily work. We always strive to improve, and through our quality system, we have a tool that enables us to work systematically to further satisfy our customers and continuously improve our processes. If you have any suggestions for improvements you are welcome to contact us - it is through feedback we get better at what we do.

Bureau Veritas ISO 9001 Management System CertificationBureau Veritas ISO 14001 Management System Certification

Security and Quality

We will deliver products, services and solutions with the right quality that meets or exceeds our customers' needs and expectations. Our quality policy should be achieved by using our quality assurance system as a management tool, allowing the appropriate quality being planned, measured, maintained and documented for all activities carried out in the organization.

Certex Norge AS has a management system for quality and environment certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Certex Norge AS is certified as an Enterprise of Competence within cranes and lifting equipment.

Certex Norge AS is a qualified supplier to the oil industry through Achilles JQS.

Certex Norge AS is a qualified supplier through Magnet JQS.

Certex Norge AS is a certified supplier to the contractors trough StartBANK.

Certex Norge AS deliver certified mooring equipment to the aquaculture industry.

Certex Norge AS is a qualified supplier to the Utilities Industry through Utilities NCE (previously Sellihca)

In our organization and together with the Lifting Solution Group we work actively to take part in the social development in an ethical and environmentally manner.

An Attractive Employer

A sustainable company as Certex Norway AS is best developed through a satisfied and skilled workforce. Every year we conduct an employee survey where the employees' views are highly valuable in our work with being an attractive employer. Our  view is that all employees of the company are important and meaningful regardless of gender, age, experience, education or ethnic background.


We focus on reducing the environmental impact, focusing on four main areas: transport (people and goods), power consumption, eco-friendly products and recycling. Our goal is to be environmentally certified according to ISO 14001 during 2019. By offering services within inspection and maintenance, we can also help our customers to extend the lifecycle of our products which in turn results in reduced environmental impact.

Sustainable Production - Supplier Code of Conduct

Our business is focused on selecting suppliers who treat employees with respect and dignity. We expect and require goods of good quality and that the manufacturing processes live up to the demands of high environmental standard. Our production in our own workshops maintain the same focus areas.

Local Involvement

We are currently considering supporting organizations and projects where we have our sales offices, following our guidelines in being a positive contributor to the local community. For example, we have supported the construction of the magnificent sailing ship Kristiansund, Skonnert Ideal. This was primarily children and youth sailing ship. The aim was to provide a good and vibrant contribution to all maritime enthusiasts in the district, deeply rooted in a cultural tradition.

Core Social Responsibility

Powertex and Ropetex logos

For a safe and sustainable working environment.

Responsible hoisting and lifting, safe working at heights and safe transporting of cargo from A to B.

Axel Johnson International's Ropetex and Powertex brands provide you with all the products you need for this. High-quality, compliant with all relevant European legislation and regulations and sustainably manufactured.

Designed for everyday use in general industrial applications.

Ropetex provides high quality steel wire rope for numerous high-quality applications. Powertex provides you with hoisting and lifting equipment, as well as cargo securing and fall protection products. All products are suitable for everyday use in general industrial applications and exclusively available, with expert advise, through our dealers.

Visit POWERTEX for more information.

We are always on the lookout for new employees. Head over to the Norwegian Craigslist to find our job ads.