Trygg Shackle Liner

This shackle liner is a supplemental product used to increase the contact diameter in round- and webbing slings.

Before use:
Check if labelling is visible and readable and that the information matches the product.
Make sure there are no deformations, notch/impact damage, cracks, heat damage/welding spatter or chemical damage.
If damaged, replace with new!

Equipment use:

  • Secure the liner with strips to prevent fall risk hazard. This will also keep the sling in place. Please assemble at ground level.
  • Match colour model with the correct size shackle, and never assemble liner on top of liner!
  • Never use Trygg shackle liner if there are visible cracks or damages, or if it’s being overloaded!
  • Lift calmly and without jerking.
  • Only one sling per shackle liner.
  • Use the same slings from the same manufacturer, as the requirements for minimum contact diameter may vary for different manufacturers.

After use:
Inspected the liner for wear and tear, cracks or other damages that may have occurred during use.

Other info:
Trygg shackle liner is not subject to yearly inspection as it is only an accessory that increases the diameter of the shackles.

  • Temperature range: -40ºC up to +50ºC


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