We deliver quality IMO safety signs titled as "Life Boat", "Mob boat", "Life Raft", "Lifebuoy" and many many more. 

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Part Code Type CAD
19.4951260000 Lifeboat
19.4951260005 Mob boat
19.4951260010 Life raft
19.4951260015 Davit life raft
19.4951260020 Lifeboat ladder
19.4951260025 Evacuation slide
19.4951260030 Lifebouy
19.4951260035 Lifebouy w/line
19.4951260040 Lifebouy w/light
19.4951260045 Lifebouy w/smoke+light
19.4951260050 Lifebouy w/light+line
19.4951260055 Lifevest
19.4951260060 Lifevest children
19.4951260065 Survival suit
19.4951260070 TPA
19.4951260075 AES
19.4951260080 Pyrotechnical distress signal
19.4951260085 EPIRB
19.4951260090 Radar transponder
19.4951260095 Paracute rocket
19.4951260100 Line thrower
19.4951260105 VHF radio
19.4951260110 Emergency evacuation system
19.4951260115 Stretcher
19.4951260120 Hospital
19.4951260125 EEBD
19.4951260130 Emergancy phone
19.4951260135 Throwing line
19.4951260140 Man rope
19.4951260145 Daysignal
19.4951260150 Climing net
19.4951260155 Ladder
19.4951260160 Musteringstation
19.4951260170 Exit
19.4951260320 Locker with fireman

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