General: Immersion suit for the merchant fleet. 6h thermal protection. Buoyancy pillow in back ensures correct floating position and freeboard. Spacious suit, standard size fits 95%.

Standard: SOLAS

  • Material: Flame retardant 5 mm neoprene, waterproof PU-zip. Durable, heat proof and anti rubber soles. Comes with separate gloves, tightening straps, hood and approved reflective patches.
  • Note: May be vacuum packed for extended service intervals (maximum 5 years)
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Part Code Size Size packed in carrier bag Colour of bag Size packed in vacuum Service interval in vacuum-bag Weight
19.2315703000 STD 70x37x15 Red 70x37x15 5 years 4.5
19.2315703005 XL 71x40x15 Green 70x40x15 5 years 5