General: Developed especially for professional users in demanding work enviroments (deck of a vessel, offshore installations, seafarms, RIB boats etc.). A hybrid solution that combines buoyancy and inflatable flotation: 55N buoyancy material + 170N inflatable lung gives added security and buoyancy
Sizes: 50-70 kg, 70+ kg

Buoyancy: 225 N
Approval: ISO 12402-3 - The used outer fabric was tested in accordance to EN ISO 15025:2000, Procedure A, limited flame spread.
  • Marking: According to standard
  • Finish: Fluorescent yellow/black
  • Standard: EN 363
Sea Rescue 225N, plain
Sea Rescue 225N, back
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Part Code Model Weight
99.NO27204035 SeaRescure Hybrid 225 N 70+ kg
99.NO27204037 SeaRescure Hybrid 225 N 90+ kg