General: Classic and maritime design. Comfortable and soft flotation material.

Weight: 1 kg (L)
Buoyancy: 50N
Approval: ISO 12402-5
  • Finish: dark navy
Regatta Horizon 852 red, plain
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Part Code Model Size
99.NO27486042 860 Coral marine XS
99.NO27486046 860 Coral marine S
99.NO27486050 860 Coral marine M
99.NO27486054 860 Coral marine L
99.NO27486058 860 Coral marine XL
99.NO27486060 860 Coral marine XXL
99.NO27486142 861 Coral Red XS
99.NO27486146 861 Coral Red S
99.NO27486150 861 Coral Red M
99.NO27486154 861 Coral Red L
99.NO27486158 861 Coral Red XL
99.NO27486160 861 Coral Red XXL