General: The jacket has adjustable hood with string in breem, reinforced and tailored elbowes, fleece in the neck and double-buttoning in front. The trousers have build in buoyency, floating material in soft, light weighted PVC, ventilation on both sides, functional pockets with zipper and flap.
Buoyancy trousers:53N.
Weight trousers:1,8 kg.
Weight jacket:1,7 kg
Approval trousers: ISO 12402-5 50N.

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Part Code Model Size
99.NO2720612000 Regatta Fismerman dress S
99.NO2720612005 Regatta Fisherman dress M
99.NO2720612010 Regatta Fisherman dress  L
99.NO2720612015 Regatta Fisherman dress XL
99.NO2720612020 Regatta Fisherman dress XXL