General: Winch in compact deisgn for loads up to 250 t. Four different frame sizes. Available as a solo winch or with a crane kit. Can be used as double girder trolley or fixed hoist. True vertical lift with no horizontal hook movement.

Standard equipment:
• Robust rope guides made of cast iron
• 4­step gear limit switch
• Additional safeguard by hook operated ultimate hoisting limit switch
• Hoist condition monitoring system NovaMaster
• 2­step trolley travel limit switch
• Frequency inverter for travelling machineries
• Hoisting inverter with closed loop technology, hoisting motor with encoder
• Thermal protection for hoisting and travel motors
• High duty time
• “Ready to use” bridge panels
• PLIOTEX type wire marking
• Bridge panels with inner light, 230 V plug outside
• Horn 108 dB
• IP55 protection
• Epoxy paint, 120 μm

• Radio remote control
• Central lubrication
• Maintenance platform
• ESR overspeed for faster lifting speeds with lower loads
• Second hoisting brake
• Ramshorn hook
• Rope pressure roller
• Guide rollers for trolley frame
• Standby heating for bridge panels and motors
• Air condition for bridge panels
• Stainless steel bridge panel
• Rain protection covers
• Crane lights
• Horn, 120 dB
• Derailment catches and storm locks for hoist and crane
• Ambient temperature ­20°C +60°C

SWF crabster 2
SWF crabster 4
SWF crabster 3
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