General: Produced from the best marine grade vinyl material. The solid and multiple rib-reinforced ropeholds guarantee the highest breaking strength available. The buoys are designed to stand up to the most demanding use in commercial fishing, aquaculture and for general marking and flotation applications of larger crafts and yachts.
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Part Code Code Diameter
Dia Eye
Buoyancy Weight
99.NO4176025100 A1-40" 295 22 380 13 1.15
99.NO4176025200 A2-50" 390 25 500 32,2 2.1
99.NO4176025300 A3-60" 460 28 575 52 3.1
99.NO4176025400 A4-75" 550 28 710 90 4.1
99.NO4176025500 A5-90" 710 28 940 215 8.3
99.NO4176025600 A6-110" 850 35 1,120 405 11.3
99.NO4176025700 A7-135" 1,100 60 1,420 670 23

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