When a wire rope is in operation the individual wires rub against each other. To reduce the friction the rope is lubricated during manufacture. The lubrication improves the performance of the rope and increases its lifespan.

It is also important that lubrication is made in intervals of time depending on operating conditions and intensity of use.

For the lubrication process we refere to ISO4309:2010 (B). For lubricating Diepa wire rope, "Elascoon 30" is recommended. For Kiswire one should use "Bel-Ray".

Contact your local sales office for further advice and help on lubrication.

  • Warning: Check the lubrication of the rope immediately after installation and clean the rope from inappropriate material, for example sand and dirt, periodically the rope should also be lubricated before use. An unlubricated or incorrectly lubricated rope has a significantly reduced lifespan.
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lubri - aero_lom_225mm
lubri - brush_225mm
lubri - swab_lom_225mm
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