Lashings shall be rejected or returned to Erling Haug AS for repair if they show any signs of damage. The following criteria are considered to be signs of damage:

For the web:
a) only web lashings bearing identification labels shall be repaired.
b) if there is any accidental contact with chemical products, a web lashing shall be removed from service and Erling Haug AS shall be consulted.
c) for web lashings (to be rejected): tears, cuts, nicks and breaks in load bearing fibres and/or retaining stitches. Deformations resulting from exposure to heat.

For chains: 
a) superficial fissures;
b) elongation exceeding 3 %;
c) wear exceeding 10 % of the nominal diameter;
d) visible deformations.

For end fittings and tensioning devices: 
a) deformations;
b) splits;
c) pronounced signs of wear;
d) signs of corrosion.

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