Lifeboat equipment that we can delive are, amongst more,: liferaft food, water bags, seasickness tablets, first aid, wool blanket, signal mirror etc.

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Part Code Type CAD
19.2115901000 Liferaft food
19.2115905000 Water, bag of 0,5 litre
19.2115906000 Reflex
19.2115906500 Seasickness bags
19.2115907000 Seasickness tablets
19.2115907500 Guidence for first aid
19.2115909000 Wool blanket
19.2115910000 Drinking cup
19.2115910010 Measuring cup
19.2115911000 Signal mirror
19.2115911010 Radar reflector inflatable
19.2115920000 Knife
19.2115920500 Fishing line for life rafts
19.2115921000 Life boat axe
19.2115932000 Boat hook ash
19.2215065200 Encyclopedia life rafts
19.2315700300 Signal whistle
19.3518053500 Can opener
99.NO0115354000 Plastic container for gear 12-15 litre
99.NO0115708500 Rescue bags
99.NO0115732500 Life bouy line 30 MTR
99.NO2620161300 Boat hook mahogny
99.NO4476011700 Ring for life bouy line

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