General:Designed for long time operations under adverse and extreme conditions in a highly corrosive marine environment. It is a so-called "plug in and play units" all guaranteeing easy installation on board. It is a freestanding deck mounted davit consisting of a davit arm, column, winch and build-on hydraulic power pack unit.
Main caracteristics:Hydraulic slewing, gravity lowering and electric hoisting.
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Part Code System Range kN Radius Operation CAD
På forespørsel SCHF 10-5.2R 10kN 5,2m Hydraulic-Fixed Column
På forespørsel SCH 10-4,0R 10kN 4,0m Hydraulic-Rotating Column
På forespørsel SCH 10-5,2R 10kN 5,2m Hydraulic-Rotating Column
På forespørsel SCH 12-3,5R 12kN 3,5 Hydraulic-Rotating Column
På forespørsel SCH 15-4,0R 15kN 4,0m Hydraulic-Rotating Column

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