General: The cabinets are produced of sandwich plates with seawater resistant glass fibre/polyester frames. The sandwich plates are 21 mm thick with good isolation. Special sizes, doors, heating elements, shelves can be ordered.
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Part Code Model
99.NO0115700160 113x70x45 cm for 14 life vests
99.NO0115700165 113x70x60 cm for 20 life vests
99.NO0115700170 170x80x45 cm for 22 life vests
99.NO0115700175 120x65x85 cm for 28 life vests
99.NO0115700180 205x60x60 cm for 32 life vests
99.NO0115700182 205x60x60 cm w/shelf for 30 life vests
*Other sizes on request