General: Ropes of polypropylen.

Design: The meshes is manufactured by rope with the diameter 1 alt. 3 mm, 8 mm rope will be used to the frame. The net is provided with attachment eyes in each corner.


  • Material: Polypropylen, resistant to rot and most acids and alkalies. The fibre does not absorb water and is UV-stabilized against sunlight. As a result of the low specific gravity of polypropylen the
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Part Code Colour Net size
Mesh size
Colour CAD
99.NO0115431050 Green 7,5x3,5 45
99.NO0115431060 Green 5,0x3,5 50
99.NO0115431000 Bladk 4,5X15
99.NO0115431070 Green 4X8,5 50
99.NO0115431030 Green 4,5x2,75 40 green
99.NO0115430500 Black 4,0x6,0 60 black

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