General: System is based on stainless steel cable of 8 mm in diameter. Duo can be installed on roofs by means of poles and walls so that persons near the edges are provided with fall protection in horizontal. System can be configured for up to 7 users at the same time. Slide being movable anchor point enables mobility along the system without hampering the fall protection.

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DUO protekt_action
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Part Code Code Description CAD
19.09HL101 HL101 2-Point Structural Anchor Point
19.09HL102 HL102 3-Point Structural Anchor Point
19.09HL203 HL203 Intermediate Structural Anchor Point
19.09HL300 HL300 Energy Absorber
19.09HL400 HL400 Rope Stretcher
19.09HL407HL408 HL407/HL408 Pin+Cotton Ring (set)
19.09HL501 HL 501 Ståltau, rustfri 8 mm
19.09HL502 HL 502 Kause rustfri
19.09HL503 HL 503 Rope End Securrity Tube
19.09HL504 HL 504 U-bolt wireklemme, rustfri 8 mm
19.09HL601 HL 601 Slider
19.09HL602 HL 603 Slider, openable HL 603
19.09HL701400 HL701 400 Fotstolpe 400 mm høy / 90 mm diam.
19.09HL703HL722 HL 703HL722 Fotstolpe -Square
19.09HL704500 HL704-500 Fotstolpe 500 mm høy/ 90 mm diam.
19.09HL721HL722 HL721/HL722 Rotating End Plate-Set
19.09HL802 HL 802 Label Stainless Steel Plate 85A 140 mm

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