• Features: Fabric in 100% polyester/PU, wind -/ waterproof, breathable, detachable hood, zip-fasteners in legs, elastics at the lower end of the leg, big storm pocket with mobile phone pocket, knee poc
  • Finish: Yellow/black
Fabric in 100 percent polyester/PU, wind-/waterproof, breathable, and more
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Part Code Model Size
99.NO3153074200 Boiler suit padded SMALL
99.NO3153074300 Biloer suit padded MEDIUM
99.NO3153074400 Boiler suit padded LARGE
99.NO3153074500 Boiler suit padded XLARGE
99.NO3153074600 Boiler suit padded XXLARGE
99.NO3153074610 Boiler suit padded XXXLARGE