Certex Norge AS Stavanger department
Certex Norge AS is Norway's largest provider of products and services within lifting and load control. We offer a wide range of products and services, from wire and rope, cranes and lifting equipment, personal protective equipment to inspection and calibration of equipment. In addition, we also offer expertise in consulting services and advice on safety and load control. Certex Norge AS is part of Axinter and the Lifting Solutions Group, which is a leading provider in Europe.

Product and services Stavanger department

This department is located on Forus in Stavanger.

Certex Norway AS dep. Stavanger
Postboks 340
Gamle Forusvei 25
4067 Stavanger

Phone: +47 51 57 87 00
E-mail: certex.stavanger@certex.no

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 8 AM to 4 PM.

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Roar Tytlandsvik
Department Manager

Phone: +47 915 13 287
E-mail: roar.tytlandsvik@certex.no


Preben Nilsen
Technical Sales

Phone: +47 413 74 939
E-mail: preben.nilsen@certex.no

Svein Roar Buås
Technical Sales

Phone: +47 924 63 116
E-mail: svein.roar.buas@certex.no

William Juul
Production Manager

Phone: +47 913 28 713
E-mail: william.juul@certex.no


Gaute Pettersen
Warehouse and Production Manager

Phone: +47 940 13 395
E-mail: gaute.pettersen@certex.no

Egil Aslagsen

Phone: +47 459 72 689
E-mail: egil.aslagsen@certex.no