Certex Norway department Hammerfest


Certex Norge AS's department in Hammerfest has for many years been a reliable quality supplier to players in Northern Norway, both on land and at sea! The department stocks a wide range of lifting equipment and also has a robust station for fleet service.

Products and services at Certex Norway department Hammerfest

Certex Norge AS avd. Hammerfest
Postboks 14
9611 Rypefjord

Visit address
Leirvikhøyda 6
9610 Rypefjord

Phone: +47 78 41 18 88
E-mail: certex.hammerfest@certex.no

Opening hours: Monday to friday 8 am to 4 pm.


Certex Norway employee  Jørn Johansen
Jørn Johansen
Department mananger

Phone: +47 941 37 880
E-mail: jorn.johansen@certex.no

Stefan Furnes
Stefan Furnes
Technical Sales

Phone: +47 468 28 227
E-mail: stefan.furnes@certex.no
Office: Fauske

Certex Norway employee Per Elvehøy
Per Elvehøy
Sales Manager - Northern Norway

Phone: +47 995 29 685
E-mail: per.elvehoy@certex.no
Office: Harstad

Jan Henrik Eltvik
Jan Henrik Eltvik
Technical Sales

Phone: 451 52 828
E-mail: jan.henrik.eltvik@certex.no


Certex Norway employee Trond Pettersen
Trond Pettersen
Operations Manager

Phone: +47 915 90 395
E-mail: trond.pettersen@certex.no

Certex Norway employee Jens Arne Pettersen
Jens Arne Pedersen
Fleet service

Phone: +47 974 76 938
E-mail: jens.arne.pedersen@certex.no

Certex Norway employee Jon Magne Pettrusen
Jon Magne Petrussen

Phone: +47 900 82 242
E-mail: jon.magne.petrussen@certex.no

Tibor Dömöndi
Tibor Dömöndi
Warehouse and production

Phone: +47 413 38 325
E-mail: domondi.tibor@certex.no

Kristoffer Hjellnes Pedersen
Kristoffer Hjellnes Pedersen
Maritim service

Phone: +47 412 08 451
E-mail: kristoffer.hjellnes.pedersen@certex.no