CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility


In our organization and together with the Lifting Solution Group we work actively to take part in the social development in an ethical and environmentally manner.

An Attractive Employer

A sustainable company as Certex Norway AS is best developed through a satisfied and skilled workforce. Every year we conduct an employee survey where the employees' views are highly valuable in our work with being an attractive employer. Our  view is that all employees of the company are important and meaningful regardless of gender, age, experience, education or ethnic background.


We focus on reducing the environmental impact, focusing on four main areas: transport (people and goods), power consumption, eco-friendly products and recycling. Our goal is to be environmentally certified according to ISO 14001 during 2019. By offering services within inspection and maintenance, we can also help our customers to extend the lifecycle of our products which in turn results in reduced environmental impact.

Sustainable Production - Supplier Code of Conduct

Our business is focused on selecting suppliers who treat employees with respect and dignity. We expect and require goods of good quality and that the manufacturing processes live up to the demands of high environmental standard. Our production in our own workshops maintain the same focus areas.

Local Involvement

We are currently considering supporting organizations and projects where we have our sales offices, following our guidelines in being a positive contributor to the local community. For example, we have supported the construction of the magnificent sailing ship Kristiansund, Skonnert Ideal. This was primarily children and youth sailing ship. The aim was to provide a good and vibrant contribution to all maritime enthusiasts in the district, deeply rooted in a cultural tradition.